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Home of deMoole Stud Sheet by Jyynxx
Home of deMoole Stud Sheet
:new::new: I will not book future slots! It's unfair to those who have already put the work into their horses to give slots to people who say they will meet the requirements eventually. The wording of this was clear in the rules that she must currently meet the requirements but people are still asking for future slots. She also must be at least 5 years old as required by HARPG guidelines.

:new: This isnt really important but if you're going to do a story with the breeding pic then its worth noting your mare needs to be sent to Vechnyy for the breeding. Moole does not and will not ship out to other stables for breedings because it is too stressful for him so your mare needs to come here.

It is worth mentioning that these will be Moole's ONLY free, public slots ever. After these 5 are gone he will be closed and remain closed indefinitely.

Yep, you read that right, Moole is finally up for stud! This is a good a time as any since he's out of the running while recovering from his colic surgery and that was just too close a call for Vechnyy to keep them all to themselves :D

Home Of Demoole H-I-E-F
Moole is a H-I-E-F 4* horse currently competing in Puissance and CSI**** Show Jumping. 
Legerdemain Demoole (Seaborn Legend x Steel Demoola) x Homeward Bound

The way this works is right now he has 5 free slots open. These are not first come first serve, but will be awarded to the person with the mare that would make the best offspring with Moole. Please comment here with a link to your mare and why you want the slot to keep it organized The stud fee is obvs made up but feel free to send me 5k points for a slot anyway winkwink

-Real breeds only 
-Must compete in english disciplines to be considered (no racing or retrained racers)
-Warmbloods/Sport Horses favored 
-The mare must have competed and placed in a show and/or have notable HARPG bloodlines
-No inbreeding or linebreeding

1. magmallae for Eldweyn
2. swagstag for BSE Barbra Streisand

Moole and sheet: Jyynxx
HOYS WIP by Jyynxx
it's been a while since i've posted a WIP for anything so here we go mr moole jumping in the HOYS show

critiques welcome for once since this sketch has been giving me hell. moole has a way different body type than the ref pon so its gotten a little complicated

(also no he didnt magically get better this picture takes place years before any of that happened you just cant tell yet)
I have been falling out of love with this breed for some time so I figured I'd put all the ones I don't use up for sale. A couple of these guys have art and a couple will be getting art in the future but none of them have enough to be counted as anything. Most do come from either Premium or Olympic (both HARPG and rolled career) parents or lines and all of them trace back to proven winners. You may offer on any Obertaurer I own but I am much more reluctant to part with the others.
:new:It is worth mentioning that No Love and Ice Captains Revenge were bonded to people so they will be more difficult to win:new:

-The horses designs/genders are permanent
-You may change their nicknames but not their show names
-I am selling these horses because they're not active, so I expect them to go to active homes
- broomstick88 and x-Cervidae-x have first dibs on Bayou and Vic respectively, but since neither user has been on for weeks and their stable rules do not include returning foals the horses will be included here until further notice
-As per my stables rules these horses are to be returned to me if ever sold
-If you win the horse they will need a ref up within 30 days, if not they will be reclaimed and given to someone else
-If a sire/dam owner comes out of the woodwork asking to reclaim the foal they may only do so if the horse hasn't gone to someone else first

Horses for Sale

Ice Captain's Revenge by Jyynxx
Ice Captain's Revenge
Blue Roan Appaloosa
Obertaurer Mare

RDR's Three Little Monsters by Jyynxx
RDR's Three Little Monsters
Liver Chestnut Appaloosa
Obertaurer Stallion (Lusitano Influence)

Rozsdas by Jyynxx
No Love
Frosted Grullo Overo
Obertaurer Stallion (Shire Influence)

Revenge on Ice Design by Jyynxx
Revenge on Ice
Silver Blue Roan Tobiano
Obertaurer Mare (full sister of Ice Queen's Revenge)
(Genetics are up to you)

Visionary has been adopted!

How to Try

Because Oberatuers cannot be sold for points these guys will be sold in a variety of ways to ensure that everyone has a fair chance. Please comment below with your application so I can keep track of them and it is worth noting that more than one application will not give you a better chance. All methods of application have the same chance of receiving the horse as long as there is actual effort put into it. Featuring the horses personalities will get you extra points (as stated on their refs) and making up a personality for Visionary and Revenge on Ice is perfectly fine.

Self-explanatory, simply write why you want the horse and what you would do with it, etc. If you would like you can also write a story about the horses arrival at your stables or anything of that sort. 

Simply draw a portrait (half-body or less to keep it simple) showcasing the horses personality at your stables. This can be anything from interacting with other horses/staff or the horse in training with them. Example showing off Vic's curious nature. These pictures don't have to be any thing polished or with a background, but they must be consistent with your style (aka not lazy). If you regularly do sketchy pictures then sketchy is fine, but if all the stuff in your gallery is lineless with a drawn background then a sketchy picture could knock you out of the running. 


Vechnyy is always looking for new horses to add to our show roster. It does not matter if these horses have been shown or not, all I ask is that they have HARPG Bloodlines. I'll also look at starter horses provided they have other pictures/show placings. The main breeds I'm interested in would be Warmbloods (particularly ISH's), Iberians, unraced or visibly retrained Thoroughbreds, and Georgian Grandes. However, I will consider any breed, even user-created ones or other Obertaureres if I like them enough. 

There is no deadline here, each horse will go to the person most deserving whether its tomorrow or in 6 months. As long as a horse is still on the list they're still for sale.
the hills by Jyynxx
the hills
So here we have some poor neglected kiddos I am a dummy! These are all 3 year olds that live out their days in the back pasture before they begin their training next year. The whole crop was bred to try and get a good cross country mount and we can't wait to see how they do! From left to right we have...

Song of the Ice (Song) London Bridge x Ice Queen's Revenge Silver Bay Tobiano Irish Sport Horse How could we resist combining two Olympic bloodlines? Her granddams on both sides qualified for/competed in showjumping and endurance respectively and horses further back in her pedigree have won Olympic Gold in 3 Day Eventing. Like both her parents she's very bold and lively and quickly became the "lead mare" of their little band.

Askley's Natalie Who (Natalie) RG Nastasiuk x What's White Sooty Bay Pintaloosa Knabstrupper Sport Horse Purchased from Ettid as a foal, Natalie came from the same Breeding Bash that produced Moole. Both her parents already have proven show records in a wide variety of disciplines so we're eager to get this girl under saddle and see what she can do. She's one feisty thing, still zipping around like a foal whenever you let her and seems to have become what can only be described as the class clown.

Simon Says (Simon) EA K'tanaqui x Capri Sun Flaxen Chestnut Tobiano Irish Sport Horse Purchased just recently fromEmeraldTheWolf Simon was also a result of the Breeding Bash that produced Moole and Natalie. Both his parents are jumping whizzes and he's already proven to have similar athletic prowess and a competitive spirit. He's a particularly possessive colt, especially of his jolly ball, but is friendly enough to be put out with any group without error... That is if they don't touch his jolly ball.

Cozenage deMoole (Zen) Home Of Demoole x Anthem of Glass Dark Bay Tovero Irish Sport Horse This big guy was bred as more of a shot in the dark than a possible project. Both his parents are notoriously hard to work with but with Moole's natural jumping talent and Crystals born endurance they were likely to get something that could bring home the bacon. He's something of an underdog as he was born as the weaker of two twins and they were warned that he wouldn't make it. However, in some cruel twist of fate the small colt began to pull ahead while his larger brother succumbed to a respiratory infection and passed away at only 4 days old. Cozenage has been named for his grandsire, Legerdemain, who was also one of twins. 


Song, Natalie, Simon, Zen, and art: Jyynxx
Song and Zen Designs: surprice710 
Natalie and Simon Designs: handstands-for-you 
Refs: Landscape Stock 5 Paint horse Bonnie 12 Horse - stock Yank Grazing

So I've noticed that very few people here know how a horse goes grey so I figured i would give a little rundown since every horse I've owned has been grey for some reason. 

Edit: Because some people are getting worked up over the wording of this I feel that it's necessary to point out that this isn't about colors or genetics this is literally just about common sense and how horses grey out. Hence the title "Horses Greying Out". If you're getting pissy over the simplified wording of this then it is your own problem and I shouldn't have to make it unnecessarily complicated to make you happy because you all know exactly what it means and this was obviously made for people who don't know horses well.


Genetics: Grey is a dominant gene meaning that unlike genes such as tobiano and splash, any horse that has the grey gene will go grey. There are no horses that carry the grey gene without being grey and there is no such thing as hidden grey. GG is homozygous grey and therefore any GG horses will always have grey foals. Gg is the heterozygous grey and these horses have a 50% chance of passing grey onto their foals unless bred with a GG horse.

The first thing I'd like to point out is that only bay or chestnut horses may have red bloodmarks. The hairs will not turn red as they grey since that is literally impossible if they dont have the genes for red coats. Black based horses with bloodmarks will have black bloodmarks, simple as that. On a similar note, fleabites will be the same color as the horses coat originally was. They do not magically turn red, if the horse was black then they have black fleabites no exception.

Horses do not turn grey piece by piece. Before they turn grey their entire coat lightens before starting to lighten faster in different spots. The greying process does not start until the horse is several years old, usually around 2 years depending on the breed. Foals are never born grey but they are born with extremely light coats that can make them appear grey as their adult coats will not show until their first shed at several months old. Several breeds do grey out very quickly, such as Arabs and many pony breeds.

The head and topline are usually the first things to grey out with the legs and hindquarters being the last.

NEW - Grey horse by Caserta-Stockgrey horse by Caserta-StockDapple grey stallion II. by LadyAyslinngrey by kodaloverWhite horse by Caserta-Stock


The greying timeline goes Birth Color > Steel/Rose Grey > Dapple Grey > Fleabitten Grey > Completely White. The pictures above are also in the order of progression for a general idea. These are not steps every grey horse reaches but simply the general progression of the gene itself. Though it is possible, horses rarely stay in the steel/rose grey phase for more than a couple years. It is possible for dapple grey horses to both remain dappled or skip fleabitten and stay white. On that same note, dapple grey horses turn partially or completely white before developing fleabites and like the dapples, the fleabites themselves can stay for life.

Unless the horse has excessive white markings their skin will always be dark and their eyes will always be brown. White horses with pink skin and/or blue eyes are something entirely different, though they can still carry the grey gene. Dominant White horses are not grey and, though they do have dark eyes, dominant white is caused by a different gene. Grey horses manes and tails lighten at different rates, some greying first and others staying dark the whole time. Usually the hair will be completely white by the time the horse reaches the fleabitten stage.

Grey horses are at a higher risk for skin cancer and sunburns compared to non-grey horses. Their risk isn't as high as perlinos, cremellos or other horses with primarily pink skin but it is significantly higher than it would be had they stayed their original color and protective measures should be taken to prevent skin damage.

Note: Since some registries consider roan and grey to be the same color it is worth mentioning that roan horses are also born solid but roan out at least partially before they are a year old. The progression of roan starts at the horses dock and moves forward, sometimes in random patterns. Roan never covers the horses full head or legs and unlike greys, roans keep their original mane and tail color their whole life.

Disclaimer: All photos shown are stock photos here on dA. I've checked each providers rules and nowhere did it say they couldn't be used as examples but if the provider would like them removed all they have to do is ask. 

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586 GS Don't Open Dead Inside by GoldenStables
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