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fish are friends not food by Jyynxx
fish are friends not food
:new: They placed 2nd! thank you mr shark i couldn't have done it without you:new:

who remembers mooles first show 
flower power keke aint got no chill


The man slid the goggles over his eyes, nodding to the other competitors. Behind him the blond holding the horse threw his head back in frustration. "Dude why do you always do something ridiculous at literally every presented opportunity?"

Keke smiled smugly, flipping his hair over his shoulder. "Mainly because it is presented to me. Its funny and crafty and this is actually super functional. I mean cantering and jumping through water is gonna splash a lot of water into our faces and this way i don't have to worry about keeping it out of my eyes or my nose." 

Jasper rolled his eyes once more. "Ok then what's up with the water wings? There's no way you're gonna fall off and drown in 7 inches of water."

"Oh yeah these are just to be funny. Also you can drown in even an inch of water so always be on the lookout." Tugging the floaties up on his arms the man shrugged. "And because I couldn't really jump in an inner tube and I need something to complete the look." 

The blond rolled his eyes again as he handed the horse over. "Why do I feel like half the shit you get away with is just dumb luck." Straightening Moole and gesturing for a leg up, Keke grinned.

"To be perfectly fair this could be considered a publicity stunt." Pushing the overly excited Moole forward he reined him in a circle and stopped to face Jasper. "We got 2nd in that Christmas show and he was wearing fuckin antlers, but people only remember the antlers. They remember the antics better than the winners. Like no one remembers the horse that did the course in 45 seconds but they all remember the horse that dumped its rider and bolted and that's who they tell people about."

Jasper squinted up as them as the two took turned to take their place in the in gate. Moole threw his head about as the other horse splashed through the arena, the horse still feisty as ever. "All that may be true, but are you sure he can do this event? You know how spooky he gets."

The horse in question was still watching the arena, constantly giving small, bouncy rears as he flung his head. "Uh, yeah I guess." Keke pulled him in another tight circle and the horse dropped his head, pawing at the ground. "He's just excited, this is still his second show in years. There's not really any umbrellas in there that are gonna open in his face, and you saw when he started the equibreak stuff, he's fine with water. Plus he's been ridden through rivers and stuff that were way deeper than this, my only concern is that those aren't normal jumps. I really should've brought a crop or something cause he will try to stop and look at everything but if you just nonstop tap him with your heels he pays attention. I almost wish I would've brought a saddle but I always train bareback at home so it doesn't really matter." 

As the previous pair exited the arena, Keke pulled Moole's head up and the stallion broke into a halting canter. Hopping over the small barrier that served as the gate the grey broke into an uneasy prancing trot, surveying the jumps. The snorkeling gear proved more useful than expected as the horse rocketed around the course, almost constantly shaking his own head. While Moole had never jumped in water before, after the first couple jumps he hit his stride, only occasionally throwing his head down to nip at the toys in the water. 

Approaching what could only be described as a pool noodle and beach ball vertical Moole took off normally but spooked, throwing his legs and head up almost comically in an attempt to avoid the inflatable shark waiting for them on the other side. As they landed, luckily avoiding hitting the shark, Moole bolted away, almost crashing through the next jump in his panic. Slowing slightly the horse refused to stop bucking but managed to complete the course, splashing hastily out of the arena and back to dry land.

Jasper rushed over and grabbed the reins as Keke slid off his back, quietly patting the horse and leading him away. "What the hell was that? He's almost landed on things on the other side of jumps before but never freaked out like that? Remember the koala? That fucker was alive and moving but he never tried to plow through the jump because of it! And why was it even back there? Descending oxers were banned a long time ago because they're too dangerous."

Wringing the water out of his hair the other man shrugged. "Teeecchhnicallyyy he knows what sharks are. When the stables was in Ukraine we used to take the horses out to the beach and ride them through the water and one time this dogfish was hanging out by the shore. We ignored it cause they're not actually considered dangerous but at some point it got close enough to Moole to get him with its tail." 

Seeing Jasper's confused expression Keke waved his hand. "They have this kinda poisonous spine in their fin and while it didn't do any damage it still hurt and freaked him out for a while. It's never been a problem until now but I guess he thought the shark was alive or something and freaked. Plus I don't think that was supposed to be an oxer, the jumps are anchored but its not by that jump anymore so it probably just floated over there and got in the way."

Eyeing the bobbing shark toy Jasper sighed. "At least nobody got hurt. It was smart to make the bottom of it rough like that." Moole was still shifting anxiously but had already dropped his head to graze. "You wanna hose him off first or give him a bath when we get back to the barn?"

Shrugging, Keke turned back towards the arena. "I guess hose him off cause that water was kinda dirty from the horses going through it and he's white so as soon as he dries off it'll show. Actually if you wanna go do that I'm gonna go ask the judges if i can borrow the shark after the event is over to show Moole that its just a toy. I don't want him ending the day all freaked out because of it." Jasper nodded and clicked to Moole, the two heading their separate ways accompanied by the sound of someone else splashing through the arena. 



Horse's Name: Home of deMoole
Link to Ref:
Age: 11 years old
Handler: Keenan Cristo
Stables: Vechnyy
Country: USA
Class: Water Pool Show Jumping
Starting Number: n/a
Show Journal: VWB Grand Summer Show


Moole, Keke, and art: Jyynxx
No refs used
goretober day 1
1. Excessive Gashes/Lacerations

so i decided im doing goretober whoops. i would do inktober but i have 0 ideas lmao oh well heres the link if you wanna get gory too
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